Secure Data Destruction

Is Your Personal Data Really Gone?

Are you sure that your information can no longer be accessed? If you reinstalled the OS, formatted your HDD, or deleted specific files, your personal data is still recoverable through free and widely available tools. And the scary part is that it doesn’t require someone with advanced computer skills to access the data. The manual removal of data doesn’t erase the data itself, but the references to the data.

There are, however, more thorough wiping programs available and yet they don’t provide proper data security. For instance, many advanced wiping tools cannot remove data that lives in “slack space” on the hard drives. Hence, files with physical imprints or shadows on the HDD can make your personal data recoverable from those areas.

The Most Secure Wiping Tool Available: Clarabyte

Clarabyte ensures that your personal data is completely erased beyond forensic recovery. Clarabyte conforms to any and all major international standards for data destruction, including NIST 800.88. We use proprietary hardware and software that overwrites your data multiple times using different patterns and assures that your data is unrecoverable.

Clarabye is a Great Fit

  • Clarabyte is the best available solution when you want to delete all the data from a device, including personal files, programs, and the operating system.
  • If you want to sell or donate your computer, Clarabyte can securely wipe the storage media so you feel safe handing your machine over.
  • Viruses are no match for Clarabyte. It will eliminate any viruses or malware infecting your computer, which can lead to data breaches.
  • Clarabyte gives new life to slow and old electronics. You can wipe all the data and get the machine back to factory condition.
  • If you need to repurpose your system, Clarabyte will erase everything and provide you a clean slate to work with.

NOTE: Using Clarabyte is a permanent action. There is no way to ever get your data back once you run Clarabyte. Make certain to create a back-up copy of your files before running Clarabyte.

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