Certified Data Erasure
For Retailers
Protect customer data and maintain detailed
audit reports for compliance

Certified Data Erasure with Clarabyte Meets Over 14 Security Compliance Standards, Including National Institute Of Security And Technology (NIST) And Department Of Defense (DOD).

Retailers process millions of transactions every day, and with every purchase a customer makes, new sensitive data is stored. Consequently, members of the retail industry are under the constant threat of cyber terrorists and hackers, who are after the massive quantities of valuable information they possess.

Despite having security measures in place, data is never more vulnerable than when they leave a secure environment or a bad actor gains physical access to a device. Having effective data removal policies in place is the best measure an organization can take to contain the data within a device. If a breach does occur, the end result could be complete loss of customer confidence, a massive disruption of internal operations, and a suffering bottom line that can persist long after the ordeal has ended. 

Clarabyte’s data sanitization solutions provide the assurance organizations need to remove 100% of the data on their storage devices. Our tools enable a retailer to repurpose, sell, or donate devices without the fear of compromising their data. The built-in verification of erasure guarantees that all sectors of a drive are successfully erase, while the tamper-proof reporting serves as proof of the erasure event and compliance with PCI-DSS.  

Clarabyte serves retailers—and their customers—by improving the safety, efficiency, and quality of their services.

Key Features

Clarabyte Solutions Meet The Standard Of US NIST 800-88. And DOD 5220.22-M

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