Secure Data
Destruction For
Microsoft Authorized
Maintain detailed audit reports for
compliance and streamline resale operations

Clarabyte Provides Secure Data Removal That Meets Over 14 Security Compliance Standards, Including National Institute Of Security And Technology (NIST) And Department Of Defense (DOD).

As Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers, you lead the PC repair industry and we understand your need to keep up the maintenance and deployment of a large quantity of machines, while providing secure data management. We streamline the secure data management and workflow process for you, so your focus remains on refurbishment and outbound sales. With ClaraWipe, we guarantee secure data removal and validation that complies with NIST, DoD, and over 10 other major security standards.  

In addition, ClaraCheck and ClaraSell automate the workflow process with audit trail at all steps of the way to deploy new machines securely and quickly. ClaraSell can recognize the value, assess the devices, and determine the necessary steps you can take regarding the devices and drives you wish to deploy. Furthermore, ClaraCheck solution would address the concerns of currently compartmentalized steps by automating diagnostics, driver injection, and OS deployment to large number of devices simultaneously.  

With Clarabyte, we reduce compartmentalization of the technology workflow to increase security and efficiency for all parties involved, while you provide better service to your customers. You can meet deadlines more quickly, deploy faster, assure your clients of security, and expand accordingly, with scalable Clarabyte solutions at your side.

Key Features

Clarabyte Solutions Meet The Standard Of US NIST 800-88.1 And DOD 5220.22-M

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