Before you sell or donate your unused computers or devices, it is critical to 
securely and permanently delete ALL of your data. 
Protect yourself against identity theft - remove the data, remove the risk.


ClaraWipe completely erases ALL hard drive or external storage information, including all your sensitive, personal data. ClaraWipe's top of the line technology ensures that your data will be completely impossible to recover, even with the most sophisticated tools and knowledge.

ClaraWipe exceeds all industry and international standards for secure data destruction for enterprise businesses, hospitals and governments, and we now offer that exact same technology to consumers at home.  ClaraWipe is the best wiping technology available on the market, and its ease of use allows you to gain peace of mind and protect yourself against identity theft in less than 10 minutes.

Is Your Data Really Safe?
Reinstalling your operating system, reformatting your hard drive, or deleting files does not ensure your data is really gone. In most cases, your data can still be recovered with easily available tools. 
Even more advanced methods of erasing data may not provide enough protection. Files leave imprints behind that allow skilled hackers to access your private data, even after it has been properly overwritten.

Only ClaraWipe overwrites your data multiple times to ensure it is truly gone for good.

How Can I Use ClaraWipe?

  • ClaraWipe is perfect for any situation in which you need to completely remove ALL data and programs on a drive.
  • Have older devices that you want to sell or donate? ClaraWipe allows you to do so safely and with peace of mind.
  • Got a virus? ClaraWipe will completely destroy even the most stubborn viruses and malware, allowing you to reinstall your operating system and programs for a fresh start.

Permanently Erase All Data

ClaraWipe removes data, operating system and programs beyond recovery. Wiped data is completely destroyed, even for the most sophisticated hackers with the most advanced tools.

Destroy Stubborn Viruses or Malware

Running ClaraWipe allows you to re-install your operating system and backed up data to start over again fresh, with certainty that any viruses and malware have been fully eliminated.

Trusted by Corporations, Healthcare, and Financial Institutions

ClaraWipe is a trusted provider for huge entities with vast amounts of sensitive data, and this exact same technology is now available for you to use at home.

No Hidden Costs

Straightforward pay-per-use pricing. Each USB may wipe up to three different drives.

Free Email and Web Support

We fully stand behind our products and are here to help.


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