Wholesale Payments Group provides unique total payment solutions focused on creating value for both Government Entities and Educational Institutions, as well as the customers they serve. WPG payment solutions allow these government and education merchants to accept electronic payments both onsite or online, in additional to traditional cash payments. We offer a unique ability to participate in a program where a merchant can minimize or eliminate costs and management hassles associated with ePayments.



Retailers process millions of transactions every day, and with every purchase a customer makes, new sensitive data is stored. Consequently, members of the retail industry are under the constant threat of cyber terrorists and hackers, who are after the massive quantities of valuable information they possess.

Wholesale Payments Group provides value to clients with industry-leading merchant services. However, they also wanted to provide world-class data security to their clients when their equipment and hardware was being upgraded. They needed a solution that was flexible and met the compliance requirements of GDPR, PCI DSS, and others.

With its ability to deploy in active environments and performance that exceeds 15 industry standards and regulations, Clarabyte was the clear choice. It provided WPG with a competitive advantage and the service provider’s clients with peace of mind.



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