Vertical Solutions is a team of dedicated IT professionals focused on contributing to the success of our clients by “Increasing profitability through the integration of people, processes and technology.”


Vertical Solutions offers proactive support, strategic planning, and industry expertise to become the complete technology partner for many organizations and businesses. Part of this comprehensive collaboration involves data security.

In addition to looking for gaps in their client’s network, Vertical Solutions wanted to offer a data destruction tool for their clients that they could also use internally.

Furthermore, Because they have access to sensitive information about their clients, IT firms like Vertical Solutions must meet the data destruction standards of GLBA, GDPR, and PCI-DSS. Failure to destroy sensitive information from discarded hardware can result in large fines or damage to PR at best and business-threatening lawsuits at worst.

The only tool available to remove the pain points from all of these concerns was Clarabyte. It offered unmatched performance and convenience, and kept Vertical Solutions at the top of the game.

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