The URA achieves this mission by assembling, preparing and conveying sites for major mixed-use development; and by providing a portfolio of programs that include financing for business location, relocation and expansion, housing construction and rehabilitation, and home purchases and improvements. The URA is also committed to equitable development, and incorporates best practices for equity and inclusion into its internal and external policies and activities.


The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh is committed to a thriving downtown, a sustainable environment, and job growth. The URA is creating market confidence in neighborhoods across the City of Pittsburgh. They endeavor to make Pittsburgh a better place to live and work, and strive for a brighter future for the city.

Cybersecurity is a concern in any industry, and the growing demands of GDPR and other regulations mean the organizations and firms need to strive to maintain the best data erasure practices.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority knew that Pittsburgh deserved only the finest, and found that right here in Pittsburgh. Clarabyte delivered the world-class performance and service that the URA could rely on to turn risk into a memory.

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