SAL Chemical has been a family owned regional commodity and specialty chemical distributor serving many diverse industries from its inception in 1965. Our mission is to serve our customers’ needs with a mutually beneficial partnership approach to doing business. SAL Chemical has continually gained experience in understanding the rapidly changing chemical industry in order to exceed customers’ expectations.


SAL Chemical – one of the largest regional chemical distributors in the United States – is a one stop source for industrial chemicals. They provide a comprehensive list of chemicals to an array of industries.

Cyber security is a concern for any field. Evolving regulations like GDPR, GLBA, FRCP, and SOX mean that organizations are held accountable for how they collect, organize, store, utilize, and dispose of sensitive personal information.

To protect itself and its clients, SAL Chemical partnered with Clarabyte. While others reduced risk, only Clarabyte eradicated it, with data erasure that was complete and certifiable.



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