The Pittsburgh Public School District is the largest of 43 school districts in Allegheny County and second largest in Pennsylvania. The District serves approximately 25,000 students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12. In April 2017, PPS Superintendent, Dr. Anthony Hamlet, unveiled 2017-2022 Strategic Plan: Expect Great Things, aimed at transforming PPS into a student-centered culture built on continuous improvement. Pittsburgh Public Schools offers students a variety of options and opportunities that will help them succeed in school, and prepare them for whatever comes next in college, career and life.


The Pittsburgh Public School District serves more students than any other educational organization in Pittsburgh. In addition to this massive scale, the school has a specific focus: to foster a student-centered culture based on continuous improvement.

With the growing use of digital technology in pedagogy, the Pittsburgh Public School District had a robust and sprawling IT framework. The education organization needed a way to remove risk and protect the student, parent, and teacher data it had accumulated. Similarly, the Pittsburgh Public School District wanted to ensure that it was in full compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Clarabyte provided this risk mitigation and kept the Pittsburgh Public School District within the regulations of COPPA and other legislation. It was the A+ solution they needed.

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