Technology needs commercial leadership. We import executive talent to serve as the management pool for start-up technologies in the region. Our Executives-in-Residence help to de-risk companies by providing domain specific coaching, interim leadership and eventually choosing to lead a company they have supported. This program, together with the Investment Manager program, provides the knowledge, connection and capital entrepreneurs need to succeed.


Helping entrepreneurs grow their companies and returning results to our region and investor community is the mission of the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse. Their domain-experienced staff provide the knowledge, connection, and capital needed to navigate a complex healthcare system – ensuring commercial success.

In order to ensure that their cyber security delivered the same excellence as their accelerator programs, the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse knew it needed a comprehensive tool for data erasure and to remain in compliance with industry and regulatory standards.

They chose Clarabtye to give them the total solution they needed. Clarabyte helps keep the data security of Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse healthy.


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