The Nowait Guest app is “the anti-reservation app” that seamlessly connects guests with restaurants’ real-time waitlists. With Nowait for iOS and Android, restaurants can now connect to diners in real time providing the first mobile consumer network for the casual dining industry, creating an entirely new marketing channel to incorporate loyalty, guest engagement, and new location-based marketing opportunities.


New software, apps, and technology platforms seek to connect business directly with consumers in more meaningful and engaging ways. The Nowait app provides convenience to end users by creating a conduit between waiting lists and the customer’s schedule.

Additionally, Nowait creates new avenues for marketing and guest engagement for clients. However, Nowait new for their program to be successful, they would have to ensure that the data of the end users and clients was defended against data breach.

GDPR and other evolving compliance standards meant that Nowait needed a partner at the forefront of the data security industry. Clarabyte provided not just a data erasure solution – they provided competitive advantage.

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