NET Xperts is a customer-friendly business that understands the value of teamwork, trust and reliability. We pride ourselves on providing computer and network technology services to our clients in a professional, accountable, and dependable manner. Moreover, we work with clients to develop technology plans that meet their strategic business goals. This partnership approach and our commitment to building long-term relationships separate us from our competition.


Net Xperts provide IT sales, service, and support to the Pittsburgh area, with a specialization in network monitoring and managed services. These capabilities give clients peace of mind, knowing their network is being monitored 24/7 and that Net Xperts are on hand to resolve any and all network needs.

The continual changes in cyber security requirements created by GDPR and other standards means that IT vendors need to take extra precautions to ensure that they remain in compliance. Net Xperts exceeded legislative and industry data security standards, but wanted a way to provide the same level of service for their clients. What they needed was a high-performing data destruction tool that could adapt to any IT framework or network.

What they needed was Clarabyte. With Clarabyte, risk wasn’t just mitigated – it was eliminated.

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