The Montour School District is a comprehensive public school system comprised of an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school. The community encompasses the suburban areas of Robinson and Kennedy Townships, the boroughs of Ingram and Thornburg, and Pennsbury Village, with a combined population of 23,000 residents. The heart of the family-oriented suburban community is located approximately 8 miles from downtown Pittsburgh and 9.7 miles from Pittsburgh International Airport.


Educational organizations, from kindergartens to colleges and universities, are implementing technology into classrooms and curriculums. The right IT assets can enhance traditional learning and empower teachers to provide better education.

The Montour School District near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania strives to remain on the cutting edge of such education tech, to provide their students with the best available in pedagogy. This means upgrading software and hardware to stay ahead of the game.

However, the school district’s administration and IT professionals knew that decommissioned hardware still held sensitive student information. Protecting their students meant irrevocably destroying this data.

Clarabyte provided Montour School District with the solution they needed. Proprietary data sanitization programs ensures the Montour School District could focus on its students, and leave the data security to Clarabyte.

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