Magna5 offers a suite of cloud-based unified communication services, including voice and data products as well as the web-based collaboration tool Accession. Using Accession and its innovative web conference and file sharing features, Magna5 customers can connect from office to office and person to person no matter their location, helping their business work no matter where they are located. Accession web conferences can host everything from large meetings with 200 attendees to small one-on-one interviews.


Magna5 increases network agility for clients by simplifying their infrastructure and optimizing their applications for performance. They are the one-stop partner for comprehensive cloud, managed IT, unified communications, and carrier solutions. They empower enterprises to manage, connect and secure their operations, cost-effectively and powerfully.

Part of this suite of services is data security. Magna5 delivers top-tier cyber security for their clients and is compliant with GDPR, NIST, and other standards.

For their own data security needs, Magna5 needed a solution that would ensure data was irrevocably destroyed both at end-of-life and in live environments.

Only Clarabyte could perform these functions. The software the high-performing, convenient, and agile tool that Magna5 needed.

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