Jenlor fills in the gaps in the Managed IT Services space. Boxed solution providers try to fit you into their “one size doesn’t really fit all” solution. This leaves your network at risk and sometimes provides you with services that overlap your own capabilities. JENLOR’s managed IT services are customized to fill any gaps in your company’s resources, skill sets, technology and services. You’ll get exactly what you need and you won’t pay for services you can handle internally.


Jenlor makes IT easy for clients that need to upgrade their hardware, resolve end-user issues, scale their IT framework with their business, and provide consultancy on a range of issues. They offer both targeted and comprehensive services, depending on what their clients need.

An essential part of being an IT vendor in the modern world is guiding companies through decommissioning end-of-life assets and sanitizing retired hard drives. Failure to properly destroy the data on such devices and IT assets can lead to data breach, which can damage a company’s reputation, lead to costly fines, and even result in litigation.

Jenlor only offers the best – that’s why they partnered with Clarabyte. Together, they give Jenlor’s clients the security and dependability they deserve, and steer them away from the pitfalls of going with the second best.


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