Intervala is a full-service manufacturer of high-reliability, precision electronic and electromechanical products. Our customers are large, technology-driven companies primarily in the industrial, medical and transportation industries where quality and reliability are paramount. Their products must perform reliably in harsh or difficult environments, adhere to strict quality and regulatory standards, and are often subject to rapidly changing forecasts.


Intervala is known for making durable, hard-hitting electronics, machining, and electromechanical products for manufacturers. Their services give clients turnkey solutions for rapid implementation, design enhancements, product life cycle management, and meeting regulatory standards.

The proprietary systems and designs they create provide a strategic competitive advantage for their customers. As such, protecting these designs is paramount. In the modern world, this means ensuring complete data erasure across all drives from retired devices and a secure, auditable chain of custody.

To provide world-class data security, Intervala turned to Clarabyte. Our data sanitization processes were the perfect complement and value-add to Intervala’s services.

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