Innovation as a Service You don’t need a data scientist to sift through your data haystack to find the needles – we’ll do it for you – as a service.

Brilliant Manufacturing as a Service We cover the entire process of connecting machines, people and processes for a new breed of data-driven manufacturers. Cyber Security as a Service As industrial companies connect more and more systems, they introduce new risks to their environments. Our cyber strategy is built around mitigating those risks.

Intelligent Assets as a Service After investing in assets, processes, and systems –we help you predict and prevent failures while managing risk around safety, financial and environmental events.


GrayMatter Systems is dedicated to transforming operations and empowering people. They know industrial intelligence better than anyone else, and help companies make their industrial assets smarter, more visible, and more valuable.

The company offers operational technology expertise that surpasses the competition. Never one to settle, GrayMatter Systems wanted to stay ahead of competition in other areas as well. Data security is a concern for any industry. The requirements of GDPR, GBLA, and other regulations mean that companies need to take extra precautions to safeguard protected information.

Only Clarabyte could match GrayMatter Systems’ standard of excellence. Just like GrayMatter Systems, Clarabyte outperformed the competition.

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