EDMC has proudly provided career-focused education for more than 40 years. Our value system is founded in the belief that excellence in education is measured by practical outcomes that enhance the lives of our students, enabling them to make important contributions in their workplace and in their communities. For years, our faculty and staff have been committed to educating students who care about the world around them, and strive to contribute in meaningful ways. Wherever an EDMC school can be found — a big city or a small town, the common thread that joins our schools and our students is the value of education in one’s own career and life.


EDMC carries a significant amount of data, and manages over 100 locations for their online and campus based locations. With over 160,000 students, there’s no shortage of personal and private information to be securely managed.

EDMC needs a scalable, multiple location, standardized solution for a more sophisticated data removal process.  Clarabyte provided the answer.

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