EdisonLearning provides partners with progressive solutions aimed at eliminating the persistent disparity of academic opportunities for students confronted with socioeconomic challenges.


EdisonLearning focuses on building futures. They strive to shape a world in which every student, regardless of socioeconomic circumstances, has access to an excellent education and the ability to attain life skills that unlock their potential to powerfully impact our global society.

Partnering with over 350 schools in the United States, United Kingdom, Africa, and around the globe, EdisonLearning has helped more than 150,000 students.

Part of their success is contingent upon providing a blended learning environment for students. This traditional/digital hybrid engages students better than other models.

To offer this service, EdisonLearning uses the newest and most innovative tech. When their existing IT assets need to be decommissioned and wiped of sensitive user data, there’s only one company they trusted – Clarabyte.


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