Centerville Clinics provides total healthcare to the entire community through a network of 11 community medical, dental, and behavioral health offices serving Fayette, Greene, and Washington counties. We are the 5th largest FQHC out of 46 in the state of Pennsylvania. Centerville Clinics is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of at least 51% of clinic patients and functions under the supervision of the Bureau of Primary Health Care.


Providing comprehensive, high-quality care to over 40,000 patients in Southwest PA, Centerville Clinics is the region’s total health care solution. As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Centerville Clinics support critical industry objectives like providing health care to underserved communities and reducing patient load in hospitals.

Similarly, the Centerville Clinics wanted to excel at another critical health care industry objective – protecting patient information. Patient records contain precious personal data that should be protected at all costs. With a network of facilities as large as the Centerville Clinics, the organization knew it needed a holistic solution.

By partnering with Clarabyte, they could deliver the protection their patients deserve. Clarabyte was the one-stop, comprehensive answer to the Centerville Clinic’s data security needs.

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