As compute demand rises, strained resources can bring essential work to a halt. With Avere vFXT, you can move excess capacity to the cloud without expensive, time-consuming application rewrites. Avere minimizes latency to deliver high-speed data access, so excess demand swiftly moves to the cloud.


Avere’s customers include a large number of media, entertainment, life sciences, and financial services companies. In a competitive and privacy obsessed industry, Avere aims to over-serve their clients with a strategy built around long term, recurring enterprise relationships.

 With the evolution of compliance standards such as GDPR, and the constant race in cyber security, the peace of mind that Clarabyte provides for risk removal is a competitive advantage.

Cyber security is all about creating systems and processes to mitigate data leaving an organization’s private data centers and ending up in the wrong hands. At a certain point in the life cycle of any data, it provides more liability than benefit to an organization.

Enter Clarabyte: risk removal is greater than risk reduction. Don’t just mitigate, Clarabyte it.

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