ARMS provides resources you need to compete, without any loss of control of your business, and in a way that protects your income streams. Whether it be medical, ancillary, senior market, individual, or workers compensation, we provide access to the markets you need to succeed, with the leverage of ARMS collective market size, with no reduction in compensation.


In today’s market, a key to success is maximizing efficiency. A partnership with ARMS provides immediate efficiency gains to a firm’s workflow and helps them concentrate their efforts on growth and retention. Through advisory services, certification programs, and other capabilities, ARMS delivers clients the resources and functionality they need.

As an entity in the financial field, ARMS Insurance Group also needed to stay in compliance with a variety of legislation and regulations. Standards like GDPR, COBRA, ACA, ERISA, and others are a concern not just for ARMS, but also for their clients.

ARMS Insurance Group never settles for second best, and needed a world-class solution for data erasure that satisfied these requirements. Enter Clarabyte. Clarabyte not only met these standards, but exceeded them, giving ARMS Insurance Group, and its clients, the peace of mind it needed.

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