Abator’s traditional IT consultancy supports government and commercial clients with engagement teams and solutions to meet critical business, legislative or regulatory challenges. Core competencies include system integration; information and project management; systems, applications, web and mobile app development; technical support; system engineering; data warehousing and database design.


Abator Information Services provides IT consultancy to a range of industries and government bodies. From public aid organizations and the Department of Transportation to statewide tax accounting bodies, Abator troubleshoots and problem solves to provide IT solutions. They serve their clients with expertise on change management, data warehousing, risk analytics, web development, and technical support.

Part of their suite of services involves advising companies and government entities on system and hardware upgrades. One of the key concerns of such efforts is ensuring that private data remains protected.

When IT assets reach the end of their life cycle, part of safely disposing of them means irrevocably destroying the data they contain. To provide this complete data erasure, Abator knew they could trust the patented process, secure chain of custody, and audit reporting of Clarabyte.

Clarabyte’s solutions help Abator to not just manage risk for the clients, but eliminate it – and Abator knows their clients deserve nothing less.

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