Certified Data Erasure for
ITAD’s and Recyclers
Protect customer data, automate workflow, and prove compliance with tamper-proof reporting

For electronics repair companies and vendors focusing on IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), the consequences of mishandling a customers data would have dire consequences that range from lost certifications to legal penalties, in addition to subjecting their customer through the remediation effects of a data breach. 

This is why proper device management and drive sanitization are key requirements for ITADs, repair firms, and electronics recyclers. These organizations have a responsibility to their customers to use tools that eliminate risk and prove that the measures they have taken to eliminate data were completely effective. 

Since these organizations are in the business of data removal, device repair, and device resale, it is paramount that they are able to operate efficiently and accurately. This includes assurance that no data slips through the cracks and devices are sold on their clients behalf for the most value possible. 

Clarabyte’s suite of software tools improve on every aspect of IT asset disposition by automating workflow, removing data following the highest standards possible, and generating tamper-proof reports to guarantee compliance with their customers industry specific data protection regulations.  

Firms using Clarabyte’s software tools are able to reduce the amount of critical touch points for a device so they can efficiently work through more devices than ever before. 

The end result is improved operational efficiency and quality control from start to finish. The detailed and tamper-proof reporting can be passed backed to the customer as an additional reinforcement to the firms credibility.  

Clarabyte’s data sanitization tools certify complete data removal for all IT assets, including servers, computers, mobile devices, tablets, and SSDs. Our detailed tamper-proof reporting helps you prove compliance, eliminate human error, and improve sustainability. 

Certified Data Erasure with Clarabyte Meets Over 14 Security Compliance Standards, Including National Institute Of Security And Technology (NIST) And Department Of Defense (DOD)​

Key Features

Certified Data Erasure in compliance with R2:2013, NIST 800.88, and more

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