Why Choose ClaraWipe?

ClaraWipe Home removes all traces of data stored on hard drives and solid-state drives. 

Free data wiping utilities are not recommended since they cannot verify successful data erasure across all sectors of a drive, cannot detect or erase solid-state drives, and do not generate detailed audit reporting. Physical destruction also may not be the best solution due to sustainability or guarantee that all data was removed from the drive.

These fundamentals details are necessary to prove that the data on a computer is fully removed, rather than unintentionally having your data accessed after it leaves your possession. 

Only certified data erasure is able to confirm complete data removal across all regions of a drive, including hidden partitions and remapped sectors.  

ClaraWipe Home completely erases ALL data stored on hard drives, solid-state drives, and external storage drives. This data may include sensitive personal data such as login credentials, financial records, medical records, and more. ClaraWipe Home offers the same level of protection as our ClaraWipe Pro version, but in an easy-to-use package. Certified Data Erasure with ClaraWipe Home ensures that your data will be completely impossible to recover, even with the most sophisticated data recovery tools and knowledge.

ClaraWipe Home exceeds all industry and international standards for data destruction. Our process meets the strict data sanitization requirements laid out in the NIST 800.88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization. Most destruction or data removal techniques leave data on the drive and do not provide any proof of the erasure event. But not with ClaraWipe Home, our proprietary algorithm provides the assurance needed to make the data stored on a drive disappear forever.  

Data sanitization with ClaraWipe Home removes all traces of data from a drive including data stored on hidden partitions and remapped sectors. We make it easy for you remove 100% of the data stored on a device within 10 minutes or less. 

Is Your Data Really Safe? 

Reinstalling your operating system, reformatting your hard drive, or deleting files does not ensure your data is really gone. In most cases, your data can still be easily recovered with tools found online. Even more advanced methods of removing data may not provide enough protection either. Drives that have had their data improperly removed may be at risk of data recovery down the road without you ever knowing it.  

How Can I Use ClaraWipe?

ClaraWipe Home is the perfect solution for completely removing ALL data and programs on a drive.

Have an older device that you want to sell or donate? ClaraWipe Home provides the peace-of-mind that all data on that device is completely removed. 

Got a virus? ClaraWipe Home will completely remove even the most stubborn viruses and malware, allowing you to reinstall your operating system and programs for a fresh start.

Permanently Erase All Data

ClaraWipe Home removes all data, operating systems, and programs. Certified data erasure assures that 100% of the data on a drive will never be recovered, even by the most sophisticated hackers with the most advanced data recovery tools.

Destroy Stubborn Viruses Or Malware

Deploying ClaraWipe Home allows you to re-install your operating system and backed up data to start over again fresh, with certainty that any viruses and malware have been fully eliminated.

Trusted By Corporations, Healthcare, And Financial Institutions

Clarabyte is a trusted provider for many enterprise organizations with vast amounts of sensitive data. This same technology is now available for you to use at home.

No Hidden Costs

Straightforward pay-per-use pricing. Each USB may erase up to three different drives. Just make sure you have enough licenses for the number of drives in your computer. 

Free Email And Web Support

We stand behind our products and are here to help. 


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