Certified Data Erasure
For Healthcare
Protect confidential patient data
and comply with HIPAA

Healthcare records contain a person’s most intimate details. From patients’ social security numbers, to their particular gene mutations, healthcare providers possess immense amounts of protected health information (PHI) and other private data.

Extreme caution must be exercised when a healthcare provider seeks to repurpose or destroy their machines. Updating, destroying, and wiping a provider’s various technologies puts PHI in an extremely vulnerable state. If HIPAA compliancy is not met on every level, it is the healthcare providers who will be held accountable; often in the form of large fines and lawsuits.  

Clarabyte’s solution, ClaraWipe Pro, offer certified data erasure in adherence to the NIST 800.88. Our approach is guaranteed to effectively sanitize all PHI in accordance with HIPAA and HITECH, on any device or drive. Our solution exceeds all current industry standards, ensuring healthcare providers that PHI and other sensitive information will be handled with the greatest amount of security and diligence.  

Healthcare providers can eliminate fears of improper data destruction and possible data recovery by utilizing Clarabyte’s cutting-edge, HIPAA compliant ClaraWipe Pro solution.  

Clarabyte’s data sanitization tools certify complete data removal for all IT assets, including servers, computers, mobile device, tablets, and SSDs. Our detailed tamper-proof reporting helps you prove compliance with HIPAA and HITECH. 

Certified Data Erasure with Clarabyte Clarabyte Meets Over 14 Security Compliance Standards, Including National Institute Of Security And Technology (NIST) And Department Of Defense (DOD).

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Certified Data Erasure in compliance with HIPAA & HITECH

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