Certified Data Erasure
for Financial Institutions
Protect customer account data and private information

When it comes time for financial institutions to replace and repurpose their old machines, the results can be costly—and not just in the fiscal sense. Financial institutions possess massive amounts of critical data, from the most sensitive details about their clients to valuable corporate assets. This data is never more vulnerable than when retiring a device or changing custody of a device from one person to another. Data sanitization is the most effective process for guaranteeing that zero data on a device ends up in the wrong hands. 

Institutions must ensure, for both their clients and themselves, that data removal is handled with the utmost care and security. If a breach does occur, the institution could become the center of messy lawsuits and fines—irreparably damaging their credibility and reputation.

Clarabyte’s certified data erasure solution, ClaraWipe Pro, goes  beyond data destruction by verifying complete data removal across all sectors of a drive and generating tamper-proof reporting to prove compliance with the EPA, Gramm Leach Lliley, FACTA, SOx and over ten other standards.

Clarabyte’s data sanitization tools guarantee complete data removal for all IT assets, including servers, computers, mobile device, tablets, and SSDs. Our detailed tamper-proof reporting helps you prove compliance and eliminate human error. 

Certified Data Erasure with Clarabyte Meets Over 14 Security Compliance Standards, Including National Institute Of Security And Technology (NIST) And Department Of Defense (DOD).​

Key Features

Certified data erasure in compliance with GLBA, SOx, and more

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