Versatile Deployment Options


Deploy on individual computers from a USB drive, CD, or .exe file

PXE Network

Deploy to hundreds of devices simultaneously from a PXE network 


Deploy remotely to any device with network access

Protect Your Business

The average data breach can cost an enterprise more than $4 million in fines and remediation costs. On top of a damaged reputation, customer loss, and resignation of key executives.

Clarabyte Vs. Physical Destruction

Certified data erasure with Clarabyte is more secure, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious.

Our erasure technology is so effective that you can reuse devices within your organization, or resell them to recover value for your bottom line, with no risk. Emphasize the most eco-friendly form of recycling: reuse.

Certified Data Erasure Is The Assurance Your Organization Needs

ClaraWipe Pro is built for the enterprise. It exceeds industry and international standards for data sanitization. Boasting cross-platform compatibility, ease of use, and unparalleled operational efficiency. It is the complete solution for removing all data from a device in totality.

Build a data sanitization process in just 5 minutes.

How Can I Use ClaraWipe Pro?

    • Manage the end-of-life cycle for your corporate devices.
    • Sell, reuse, donate or return an off-lease device back to OEM without exposing the data to the risk of a data breach.  
    • Support the community and the environment by practicing the highest form of recycling, reuse.

Remove The Data, Remove The Risk

Deleting files manually only removes the pointers for how the data is referenced on a drive. Quick and low-level formatting leaves data fully or mostly recoverable. ClaraWipe Pro removes all data from a drive, verifies successful erasure across all sectors, and produces tamper-proof reports to assure compliance with any of the most strict data protection regulations.  

One Product Does It All

With ClaraWipe Pro, one block of licenses gives you the ability to wipe all of your devices, without the need for different products. ClaraWipe will sanitize desktops, laptops, servers, RAID configurations, and other storage media.

Detailed Audit Trail

ClaraWipe Pro produces detailed reports that can be customized to suit your needs. Track as much or as little detail as you need, and you can even add company-specific custom fields.

Don’t Meet Standards, Exceed Them

ClaraWipe Pro provides industry-leading speed, functionality, and complete data removal for the entire spectrum of drive types, including solid-state drives. Antiquated DoD limited solutions do not meet today’s rigorous standard. ClaraWipe exceeds all major domestic and international regulatory and technical standards including:

    • HIPAA
    • Sarbanes-Oxley
    • FACTA standards
    • NIAP’s EAL4+ security standard
    • U.S. Department of Defense 5220.22-M
    • NIST 800.88 

95% of Data Breaches Are Related To The Chain of Custody

ClaraWipe Pro empowers companies to remove all data from a device before it is unplugged. By providing a simple, fast, efficient, and logical user interface, the intuitive nature of ClaraWipe Pro requires zero training, allowing anyone to adopt a bullet-proof data sanitization process within their organization. With drives being automatically detected before the computer boots, it removes the human error breakdown from physically removing drives from units, also removing issues that arise from computers with multiple hard drives and storage locations.

Cost Savings

Using ClaraWipe Pro is a fraction of the cost of physically destroying hard drives, and when combined with Clarabyte’s resale tools, you can recover even more value for your bottom line. We will BEAT any existing solution not just on price, but also on quality, reliability, and speed. It starts with creating a secure data management process, which we are happy to help your firm create.

No Hidden Costs

Straightforward pay-per-use licensing.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

ClaraWipe Pro supports the hardware you need on the platforms that run your business. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, or any x64 or x86 Architecture.

Flexible Deployment to Fit Your Organization’s Needs

Whether you need to sanitize an individual computer, multiple hard drives simultaneously, or even drives in remote locations, ClaraWipe Pro has a solution for you. Certified data erasure for up to 100 drives simultaneously for maximum speed and efficiency in a single erasure array.  

    • USB Key
    • CD
    • PXE
    • EXE
    • Remote


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