Booting with BitLocker

When booting Clarabyte products, you may encounter a BitLocker screen.  BitLocker is an encryption tool used to lock and unlock the hard drive on Windows machines.  Don't fret however, as Clarabyte will be able to erase this data securely, with or without the encryption password.

On boot BitLocker will show you the following screen:

We do not want to decrypt the drive contents and boot from that disk.  Therefore whether or not you know the password to unlock the drive, press Esc for BitLocker recovery.  From here BitLocker will show you this screen:

Again, we aren't interested in recovering data, so there's no need to find your recovery key.  From here press Esc again for more recovery options.  Finally you will see this screen:

At this screen simply select Use a Device and the Clarabyte USB will boot.

BitLocker is a good solution for encrypting your data at it's inception until its erasure.  Clarabyte is here to completely secure your data!