Schell Games/Clarabyte Case Study




In a world of growing waste and pollution, it is important for companies to take responsibility for their IT equipment, not only in assuring that their retired devices are recycled through the most eco-friendly channels, but the data that resides on those devices is securely destroyed.  Reuse is the highest form of recycling. Not all retired IT equipment is truly at the end of it’s valuable life after it’s been decommissioned. With that said, companies who are looking to reduce their footprint need to be aware of how destroying their data can be done in an environmentally friendly way, while maintaining strict security controls.  

Schell Games – Pittsburgh-based video game developer

Schell Games is the largest entertainment and education game development company in the United States.  They employ 100 full-time developers and rarely have any turn over. On average, they have 6 to 10 video game projects in production at a single time.  In addition to their in-house projects, they do contract work for companies such as Disney, the Fred Rogers Company, Google, and Facebook. Considering the plethora of proprietary IP, client IP, and employee data they collect, it’s important for them to use sophisticated and easy-to-use tools to protect their data.   

A little about Clarabyte:

Clarabyte offers data removal services for end of life electronics as well as capabilities for data removal over networks and servers, and has been verified to remove all data beyond recovery.  Clarabyte holds over 12 certifications and has provided it’s service for 150 companies and has minimized data breach risks by removing data at every point of contact so that data is never compromised.  Clarabyte provides an automatic audit trail, which eliminates human error, while maintaining a secure chain of custody by removing data before it’s moved or stored anywhere.

Why Clarabyte and Schell Games work together:

Clarabyte has partnered with Schell Games to ensure that they can delete sensitive information without them needing to shred storage devices.  Clarabyte provides Schell Games with an avenue for digital media sanitization that is safer than shredding, enabling them to reuse, resell, or recycle these retired devices and letting the company move forward with it’s eco-centric initiatives and help ensure that they are producing less waste in a world that is being taken advantage of.