Refurbishers, ITAD providers, and recyclers already have a tough enough job – they shouldn’t have to struggle with their own tools. Thankfully, there’s an awesome tool from Clarabyte that fits into major data handling paradigms and offers a wide range of functions and processes for secure wiping.

ClaraWipe is a data wiping solution that is as powerful as it is simple to use. But what exactly does it offer to the average provider? Let’s look at all the features ClaraWipe can deliver to your organization.


As a refurbisher, ITAD provider, or even a recycler, the services you provide can make or break a contract. Being able to offer even a small edge over your nearest competition can result in significantly better public image and a more appealing business offering.

Adopting ClaraWipe doesn’t just make your job easier – it makes your job more appealing for outside parties. ClaraWipe can enable a mobile site for comprehensive data handling in a powerful and efficient manner. Being able to offer this process of properly handling data destruction on-site is a huge attraction to most businesses.

Enabling remote handling means that providers won’t have to ship their data out to third party data experts. This is hugely attractive because that very process exposes the data, reducing security, and increasing handling costs. By offering this service, you’re essentially telling the contractor to ignore the additional cost and security concerns, offering them a comprehensive, secure, on-site solution.

The difference between a company that can do on-site processing versus those who cannot may seem negligible, but for a business contracting such services, it could make the difference in contract awards and in consumer trust.


ClaraWipe is not a traditional solution. In fact, that’s what makes it so powerful. Traditional solutions, especially hardware-centric ones, require significant hardware overhead, processing time, and skill to operate. Scaling these solutions, however, are even more expensive – with each additional process, the cost balloons near-exponentially, and in many cases, requires a custom plan to recoup the potential costs of even a small scaling process.

Anything is technically scalable with the right amount of money and effort – but that’s not to say it’d be worth that money or effort. ClaraWipe, on the other hand, is easily scalable, adapting to both extremely high amounts of data and low amounts of data.

What this means is that your business can offer a greater diversity of functionality with very little invested cost in hardware increases, bandwidth manipulation, etc. More to the point, this also means that adopting ClaraWipe allows you to transfer this savings in cost to your clients, making your solution cheaper, more powerful, and thus more attractive than other solutions.


When it comes to recycling and refurbishers, data on the drive is a chief security concern. Having latent data sitting on a device throughout the refurbishment and recycling process is extremely concerning, both in terms of the former user’s data, in terms of potentially mishandling secure data (such as governmental or health-centric datasets), and more. In many cases, mishandling this type of data can make the processor legally culpable, not to mention the ethical concerns inherent in such processing. There is also the obvious concerns over viruses and malware that may propagate during routine installation and overwriting of media on unwiped systems.

All told, these concerns are huge ones – be it due to the ethical concerns of mishandling private data or the issue of economic punitive measures for certain kinds of protected data. For these reasons, and more, starting with a “blank slate” is extremely important. Most of these reasons can be effectively mitigated by simply wiping the drives, and ClaraWipe delivers that ability in spades.


For ITAD providers and refurbishers, starting with a blank slate isn’t just a state of improved security. The simple fact is that reformatting drives filled with content and working within stated constraints is slow and arduous, and much of the time, results in subpar implementations of secure wipes.  Not to mention that reformatting drives do not remove the data.  

This process can be made much, much easier, and faster if the provider securely wipes the drive in a manner that allows for quicker manipulation of the drive. While it seems that segmenting these functions is simply moving one process from a later stage to an earlier one, it functionally represents a significant amount of saved time and a combination of steps.

In terms of actual data processing, having a solution that supports custom pattern writing allows for customized methods of data destruction and unique methodologies of handling specific data types. A custom solution is almost always going to be faster than a generalized one – in this way, ClaraWipe is inherently and extremely valuable.


ClaraWipe is not a platform or hardware exclusive solution. It is specifically designed to work across a wide range of media and situations, and as such, should be considered more as a “Swiss army knife” than a single, application-based implementation.

ClaraWipe works on solid-state media, traditional drives, and so much more, and because of the huge support for both media and configurations of those media, it’s very unlikely that you will run into a configuration that cannot be addressed with ClaraWipe. Being able to detect bootable devices, USB keys, and other types of configured devices is extremely powerful, and by supporting such processes, ClaraWipe leverages itself to make for an extremely powerful toolset.

It should also be noted that this kind of toolset is extremely handy for forensic or recycling processes. Touching drives, especially during staging and triage, can cause damage, leaking of insecure viruses and malware, etc. By being able to detect and erase drives without even registering a touch, you can negate many of these issues.


ClaraWipe is powerful, but it’s also insanely easy to use. Because of the way ClaraWipe is built, it can be implemented and used with no specialty training and is thus perfect for nascent or untrained teams. This results in a lower operational cost and is represented to your clients as cost-averaged savings.

Additionally, the ease of use for ClaraWipe makes it the perfect solution for remote teams to use who may not have direct access to wireless access points or high-bandwidth data streams. This means that, even in complex cases, the solution is still able to be implemented with very little outside dependence, allowing an extreme amount of independence for such teams.

That doesn’t mean you’re on your own, however – Clarabyte offers very extensive and reliable support for those edge cases in which support is actually needed. Because of this, ClaraWipe is not just a “small team” tool – it’s the perfect fit for enterprise and large function applications and serves as a great master tool for any toolset, small or large.


ClaraWipe isn’t just simple and powerful – ClaraWipe is value-adding. Integrating ClaraWipe into your processes, regardless of your purpose as a refurbisher, ITAD provider, recycler, or even as a network administrator, will leverage your abilities and offerings to a much higher level. Utilizing ClaraWipe will result in greater security, quicker processing, and a more predictable final product.

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