The greatest tradeoff your organization needs to consider when it comes to data security is risk vs. cost.  Each organization will require a differing level of certainty and peace of mind that their data is secure.  While NIST 800-88 considers a single overwrite of all existing data to be sufficient, government agencies like the Department of Defense and Homeland Security may require extra overwrites, due to internal policies.

The tradeoff is, as we increase the number of overwrites, it takes longer to erase drives.  What initially may have taken seconds to sanitize could take minutes with more stringent policies.  Multiply that by your total number of drives and costs could increase significantly

It’s important to think about the risk level of your information getting out.  While government agencies might need guarantees that data is unrecoverable, you 99.9% may only need certainty if you are an individual.

Clarabyte makes it simple.  Aside from exceeding all international standards, no operator is required to be present during the process.  Whether you’re using the flexible USB key, mobile solution, or an Enterprise PXE Array, no operator is required after the process has been started.  Detailed reporting is stored locally and automatically, and any interruption to the process is clearly indicated by the ease to use intuitive user interface.

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