Vertical Solutions, a Managed Services Provider (MSP) has been providing industry-leading services for over 30 years and has brought solutions to hundreds of organizations.  Managing a customer’s IT remotely is a cornerstone of MSP services. Therefore, it is important that Vertical Solutions be able to securely manage its clients’ data, given that not all have invested in the strongest data protection. 

About Vertical Solutions:

Vertical Solutions delivers IT as a service – helping its customers change the way organizations use technology to operate efficiently. Focused on Healthcare, Human Services, and Nonprofits, Vertical Solutions has over 30 years’ experience working with clients, not just for them. The company is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and operates other offices in Colorado.

About Clarabyte: 

Clarabyte offers data removal services for end of life electronics as well as capabilities for data removal over networks and servers and has been certified to remove all data beyond recovery.  Clarabyte has provided its service for over 150 companies and has minimized data breach risks by removing data at every point of contact so that data is never compromised.  Clarabyte provides an automatic audit trail which eliminates human error while maintaining a secure chain of custody by removing data before a device is moved or stored anywhere. 


Vertical Solutions’ clients’ compliance regulations require that sensitive data be removed beyond forensic recovery.  Clarabyte provides software solutions to ensure that they can securely and completely remove any data that needs to be erased by their clients.  Clarabyte has enabled this practice and helped enable such solutions to be deployed remotely, improving productivity and profitability. 

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